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For a good cause

It has been part of the philosophy of our company from the start and it is also the concern of all employees that we want to serve the common good with our economic success. So far, the following persons and institutions have received our support:

Friends of the Zoo Leipzig

As a Leipzig company, we feel very connected to the city and your zoo. That is why we have been supporting the Leipzig Zoo for a long time in realizing its nature and species protection tasks, especially the association with an animal sponsorship.

Our sponsored animal is an okapi:

Logo "Freundes- und Förderverein des Zoo Leipzig e. V."


The Peter-Billecke-Haus (PBH) of the Dr.-Ulrich-Lange-Stiftung GmbH is a semi-stationary residential building for physically and multiple disabled adults. The facility mainly offers sheltered housing for people with severe multiple disabilities. Our employees know that people who are not so much in the public eye are particularly dependent on financial help. As a company that operates throughout Germany, we feel obliged to other regions in addition to our hometown.

Logo "dulst – Dr. Ulrich Lange Stiftung gGmbH"

Sponsorship for young athletes and teams

Many of our employees are involved in numerous associations in their free time, including as a trainer in sports clubs. As a company, we are happy to support these activities, because the bond with the company is strengthened in addition to direct financial support.

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